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Bismark & Obamacare

Remember the Teutonic admonition regarding politics and sausage?  Well, it was on full display today as the GOP cranked out a reform bill tackling health care.  It didn’t have to be this way, but the conservative faction acknowledged that if it … Continue reading

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GOP: Autopsy. . .

Now the CPAC is over its time for an assessment of where/what the GOP is?  Identity development is significant, for no institution can surmount challenges without sufficient formation of an articulated self understanding.  Florida’s recent Congressional win favoring the GOP … Continue reading

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Harry Reid & the Imperial Presidency

Total control of the U.S. Senate by Harry Reid remains essential.  Why?  Because its the only way this President can control both Congress & the country unilaterally.  Without Reid’s absolute control of the Senate, the President’s executive orders, appointments of … Continue reading

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GOP Win: Prioritize The Components Of A Winning Strategy

Excessive government spending is excessive confiscatory taxation, get it under control and the American people will thrive.  This is not difficult to understand.  It is the foundation that is the Austrian School of Economics under Fredrick Hayek who bequeathed such … Continue reading

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