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Dow Jones Hit’s the Ceiling During Sequestration: How To View A Rising Market During Budget Cuts

The Keynesians at team Obama are good Socialists to believe that any cuts in govmint outlays would damage growth.  The logic here is simple:  growth in govmint = GROWTH. Philosophically, this isn’t difficult to understand, for the Keynesians come from … Continue reading

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How To Discern The Euro-Zone Problem

It’s beginning to look a lot like the 1930’s as France goes ‘Socialist’ in its latest election.  Needless to say, the United States has been there since 2008.  The difference is understood within the discreet immeasurable social aggregates that animate … Continue reading

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The Growth Of Obama

The Presidency is not the place for ‘on the job training’, yet our current Commander in Chief may stump both supporters and opponents given his agenda to ‘reset’ the American imperium throughout the Middle East.  This is witnessed in his … Continue reading

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Walter Russell Mead & The Flight of African American’s Out Of New York

Walter Russell Mead has recently written of the flight of tens of thousands of African Americans out of Michigan, Chicago and New York to seek better lives for themselves in the American South.  Blacks are fleeing stagnant job growth, confiscatory … Continue reading

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