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Perez Zagorin: Thomas Hobbes & The Father Of Statist Life

No other author possesses the firm elegant grasp of the violent ideas that rocked the time of Thomas Hobbes (author of Leviathan), a political tome giving foundation to Fascist and Totalitarian ideology within the 20th century; than Perez Zagorin. Perez … Continue reading

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Marshall McLuhan: The Perils Of Paper Currency

No one has the ingenuity of understanding the complex topic of money better than Marshall McLuhan.  He surpasses even Allan Greenspan and most certainly Niall Fergson’s boring historical book on the history of money.  Neither person has grasped the dynamics … Continue reading

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The American Founders On Monetary Policy

Hamilton was trusted enough by Washington to be given the responsibility of securing timely payment of creditors who had financed the Revolutionary War.  The founders understood the need to be solvent in their nascent undertaking of beginning this great Republic. … Continue reading

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The Principals Of Sound Money: Madison, Hamilton, Tocqueville vs. Marx, Engels & Lenin

This essay explores the relation between Madison, Hamilton, Tocqueville and the ‘Masters of Suspicion’, known as Marx, Engles and Lenin.  How does political ideology either affirm or deny reality?  How does a particular political economy, a governance either secure the … Continue reading

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Alexander Solzhenitzen: American Renewal

Alexander Solzhenitzen’s Harvard lecture remains astonishing in its prophetic insight regarding the weaknesses of libertine philosophies in America .  He clearly could not have anticipated the Reagan Revolution.  A revisionist reading of that lecture is currently required in light of … Continue reading

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