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The Swerve: Modernity & The Creation Of Contemporary Life

Just as contemporary historians and philosophers are finally beginning to ride astride the findings of Catholic theologians on distinguishing variable modes of the Enlightenment (Hans Urs von Balthasar, John Courtney Murray, Henri De Lubac and Gertrud Himmelfarb) all come to … Continue reading

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Spinoza, Kant, Solomon Maimon & Jewish Secularization In 18th Century Europe

‘The Road to Modernity’ by Gertrud Himmelfarb, the wife of Irving Kristol and mother of Fox News contributor and founder/editor of Washington’s ‘The Weekly Standard’ William Kristol is the most significant public contribution to any understanding of the European Enlightenment … Continue reading

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Rowan Williams Is No Thomas Beckett

I must admit that I do not always admire Dr. Rowan Williams even if sometimes he demonstrates the absolute candor required in leaders.  Nevertheless, this wile theologian continues to reveal a steadfastness, especially as he reveals the distinction that is … Continue reading

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Christian Love, Judgement & Condemnation

Although a most difficult theological topic to cover in short time, it can be simplified. Luke’s Gospel writes of a time when Jesus cursed a fig tree for not bearing fruit, this analogy was not lost on his disciples,  although … Continue reading

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Quick Intro To Christian Faith

In a radio interview the late great Swiss Catholic Theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar once remarked that: “We cannot really understand anything of Christ apart from the mystery of the Trinity or The Church without faith in Christ’s divinity & … Continue reading

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A True Catholic Humanist: Gilbert Murray & The Imploding West

Gilbert Murray is not often thought of being Roman Catholic, I remain unsure of his personal affections regarding the sources of contemporary Catholicism; he remained throughout his life a very deep public man of Britain, throughly engaged in the issues … Continue reading

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