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Capricious Rule: ARAMCO’s IPO & the Static Ethics of Islamism

A reckoning is happening throughout the land of Ishmael; a summoning fit for a great statesman.  As of this writing, Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman is vacillating, something great leaders don’t do in the service of great ideals.  The Arabs … Continue reading

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The Sons of Ishmael, OPEC & U.S. Statecraft: The Weapon of Hayek’s ‘Extended Order’

Those that never had to compete never will.  This is the answer to the rise of Europe’s Fascist right.  What should we expect of political economies whose social base remains homogenized during a crisis.  Economies and rigid social orders don’t … Continue reading

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A New Tyranny: The Fatal Conceit of Macro-Prudential Policy

Let’s face it, the Federal Reserve is out of ammunition. By any standard, the world’s most powerful institution is impotent.  So is Congress, who punted immediately to the credentialed technocracy that is the ‘Fed.’ One can see it now, the … Continue reading

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If Macro-Economics Is So Great, Why Don’t We Prosper?

Recently the WSJ editorial page had a letter to the editor from a devoted reader in La Jolla, California.  He asked a pointed question, you know the type, the dangerous inquiry that excoriates the philosophical foundation of Keynesian thought. The … Continue reading

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Married With Children: Adulthood Postponed?

Naomi Schaefer Riley isn’t known for mixing her words.  Her latest column in the NY Post revealed a lot of what’s wrong with our culture.  She spoke of how contemporary life is characterized by a sad irony that marriage has … Continue reading

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A Plurality of Monetary Regimes

Brace yourself to absorb an onslaught chiefly derived from dubious assumptions about the exalted social, political claims of monetary policy, specifically the single most significant political, cultural achievement since the American Founding:  a defunct Keynesian empire and the resurgence of … Continue reading

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The Moral Foundations of Liberty

Its a bit exhausting watching ANY debate in light of a persistent refusal to ground policy initiatives outside an articulated synoptic governing philosophy. Are we so enamored to pursue the undifferentiated concerns of the public that candidates are missing the … Continue reading

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John Mill Meets Hayek

As the Arab Spring becomes overcome by organized Islamic militants, we should remember what Hayek wrote in the 1930’s, he said that liberty is not discovered in nature, its an artifact of Civilization. Without culture, the benign innate ideas proposed … Continue reading

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Reason & British Common Law Trump Ideology In Cyprus

The thinking throughout both the U.S. and the entire Eurozone was simple yet dreadfully misplaced:  enforcing market discipline on both bank creditors and bondholders would risk contagion.  The politicos throughout both systems remain extraordinary weak in both their underdeveloped fortitude … Continue reading

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Leszek Balcerowicz: Adam Smith Meets Karol Wojtyla

Matthew Kaminski interviewed a Polish intellectual recently, a man who has few peers.  His name is Leszek Balcerowicz (pronounced Lay-zek Bal-zero-witz).  What he has to say is significant for it points the way toward recognizing how Keynesian thought is a … Continue reading

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