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The Murder of Alberto Nisman: The Slaughter of Innocents Continues

When investigators are up against a wall, when all leads fail to show causation, then they begin to ask direct forensic questions in an attempt to square a circle.  That square has now come full circle.  There is only one … Continue reading

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Israeli Strategy: Gaza

The Israeli effort to defeat a terrorist (Hamas) enclave in Gaza is a piece of an arch that until now has been out of Israeli reach.  Destroying Hamas’ underground infrastructure, isolating it diplomatically while hunting down numerous Iranian proxies that … Continue reading

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Hezbollah, Lebanon: The Hinge For Teheran

Its nearly impossible these days to find sources that can make sense of the diplomatic mess that has become of the Near East, especially the Palestinian cause, Israel, Iran and Lebanon. Dennis Ross is considered by most experts in the … Continue reading

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