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Ben Folds 5

A non-sequitur is a Latin term translated as ‘it does not follow’; referring to a conclusion that does not follow from the main premise.  It is usually considered a fallacy, meaning an error in one’s thinking. I had a similar … Continue reading

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Zara Steiner: Triumph Of The Dark: The International Order & The Rise Of Hitler

The vast quantity of historical material regarding the international order prior to the Second World War is staggering.  It remains nearly impossible to add or detract from what has already been published.  I say this with great reservation, for there … Continue reading

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Manstein: The Moral Imperatives Of Military Leadership

Field Marshal Erich von Manstein flew from the Eastern Flank of Hitler’s war against Russia to CONFRONT the Fuhrer on his management of war aims.  That confrontation would begin late in the evening on January 4, 1944.  Here are Manstein’s … Continue reading

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The Anarchist: Revolutionary Politics

Very few people outside of academia have ever read ‘The Proud Tower’ by Barbara Tuchman which is depressing given the fine account she renders of Europe twenty-five years before the cataclysm that was the Great War (WWI).  Here we find … Continue reading

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The Failure That Became Bismark: The Limits of Machiavelli

Arnold Toynbee once remarked that the problem with intellectuals was their intrinsic need to only illustrate, not fix the dominate ideas that ruled their profession.  For decades I have been exposed to two false ideas that have dominated academia.  Namely … Continue reading

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Hitler & Somerset Maugham: The Secret Lives of Artists

Some years ago the Museum of Fine Art in Boston displayed Adolf Hitler’s personal artwork.  I decided to go only to finally resolve an intractable personal dilemma that I simply found unbearable: can evil portray anything lasting?  What is the … Continue reading

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Fascist Islam: History & Prospects

Although Malise Ruthven is credited with coining the term ‘Islamofascism’ while writing for the British Independent in 1990, the term was coined by Maxine Rodinson.  Nevertheless, we have throughout the west a vast intellectual reserve providing antecedents for us to … Continue reading

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