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Madison Phones Obama

In the Federalist Papers, number 62, written in 1788, a prescient James Madison wrote the following:  What prudent merchant will hazard his fortunes in any new branch of commerce when he knows not but that his plans may be rendered unlawful … Continue reading

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James Madison Foils Tyrannic Impulse In Liberalism

For those that remember the days of ‘stagflation’ (high inflation and high unemployment) ought to understand just how we cut the Keynesian knot that gave us a 25 year economic boom ending with the collapse of both housing (2006) and … Continue reading

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Perez Zagorin: Thomas Hobbes & The Father Of Statist Life

No other author possesses the firm elegant grasp of the violent ideas that rocked the time of Thomas Hobbes (author of Leviathan), a political tome giving foundation to Fascist and Totalitarian ideology within the 20th century; than Perez Zagorin. Perez … Continue reading

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