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Fixing the Japanese Economy

Having spent decades learning the political economies of Asia, I’ve always thought of Japan’s 25 year deflationary spiral and its attendant exotic monetary policies as proxies for exhausted political regimes. I still think so. Although they learned quickly at the … Continue reading

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Asian Political Economies

Remember how Japan was supposed to eat our lunch? Remember how China was to take over the world? Guess what?  Both nations have hit the proverbial WALL.  China has completely exhausted itself and fears having to accommodate Western Capitalist mores … Continue reading

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Hayek in Toyko: Japanese Failure

Why is Japan in free fall? Yes, its nuclear disaster and tsunami didn’t help.  But it did create the conditions for real political reform.  Japan has decided to bet yet again on more Keynesian stimulus. It will fail.  Why? Japan … Continue reading

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Apaiser: Peace or Imminent U.S. Defeat, The Parisian Afghani’s & Power Blocks

About 40 miles north of Paris is the lovely town of Chantilly, a town known for horse training.  This luxury town is now witnessing the imminent defeat of America throughout the AfPak region.  How is this so?  America has a … Continue reading

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How Japan Failed To Become A Superpower

Remember the threat that Japan posed to everyone throughout the 1980’s?  The spooky truth is easy to discern, for they performed well because they had America as its tutor.  We abanoned our own principles as evidenced in the Keynesian stagflation … Continue reading

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Heralding A New Creation: The Spanish Empire In South America

James Billington resides as the Chief Librarian of the Library of Congress, throughout his tenure in Washington where he advises both international and domestic policy wonks, he continues to reveal that the most published people on the planet are:  Jesus, Shakespeare … Continue reading

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George Melloan: The American Imperium For An Uncertain President

George Melloan has written “The Great Money Binge:  Spending Our Way To Socialism,”  out from Simon & Schuster 2009.  As former Editorial page writer and editor for the Wall Street Journal makes him a protege to the most powerful man … Continue reading

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