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Married With Children: Adulthood Postponed?

Naomi Schaefer Riley isn’t known for mixing her words.  Her latest column in the NY Post revealed a lot of what’s wrong with our culture.  She spoke of how contemporary life is characterized by a sad irony that marriage has … Continue reading

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The Liberal Insurgency: Ludwig von Mises

Anyone who survived the social experiment of the Weimar Republic knows a thing or two of the intrinsic contradictions that underwrite Keynesian thought. No one possess greater insight into these matters than Ludwig von Mises. Here’s a quote from “Human … Continue reading

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Economics For Dummies

This is what common working people instinctively already know but the political class in Washington refuses to hear: 1.  Confiscatory taxation encourages borrowing.  Instead, our Federal Government ought to encourage equity formation. 2.  “THE FUNDAMENTAL DEFICIENCY IMPLIED IN EVERY QUANTITATIVE … Continue reading

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The Principals Of Sound Money: Madison, Hamilton, Tocqueville vs. Marx, Engels & Lenin

This essay explores the relation between Madison, Hamilton, Tocqueville and the ‘Masters of Suspicion’, known as Marx, Engles and Lenin.  How does political ideology either affirm or deny reality?  How does a particular political economy, a governance either secure the … Continue reading

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