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The Principals Of Sound Money: Madison, Hamilton, Tocqueville vs. Marx, Engels & Lenin

This essay explores the relation between Madison, Hamilton, Tocqueville and the ‘Masters of Suspicion’, known as Marx, Engles and Lenin.  How does political ideology either affirm or deny reality?  How does a particular political economy, a governance either secure the … Continue reading

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Alexander Solzhenitzen: American Renewal

Alexander Solzhenitzen’s Harvard lecture remains astonishing in its prophetic insight regarding the weaknesses of libertine philosophies in America .  He clearly could not have anticipated the Reagan Revolution.  A revisionist reading of that lecture is currently required in light of … Continue reading

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Hobbes: Recognizing Corrupt Power

Our Founding Fathers recognized the impending doom of France when it no longer embraced a political ethos informed from Christianity.  Instead, France fervently embraced an ideological abstraction of ‘man’ which favored the criminalizing of political differences. Madison was capable of … Continue reading

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