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Mao: An Exhausted China

It has taken decades, but authors throughout the United States are finally beginning to assess the stark reality of Mao’s revolutionary appeal, his archaic mien; a deeply irresponsible leader who sought the unification of China so as to compete with … Continue reading

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Asian Political Economies

Remember how Japan was supposed to eat our lunch? Remember how China was to take over the world? Guess what?  Both nations have hit the proverbial WALL.  China has completely exhausted itself and fears having to accommodate Western Capitalist mores … Continue reading

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How To Understand The Chinese Political Economy: A Brief Overview

Sinic Civilization exhausted itself as evidenced by the late 19th century.  It simply had no more intellectual nor spiritual reserves (ideas) from which to grapple with the encroachments that became the Imperial Powers.  Certainly by the early 20th century it … Continue reading

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Mao: The Great Famine, The Great Leap Forward & The Demise of Sinic Civilization

The upheavals throughout the Near East have precedent in China.  If one should wish to study the impact that modernity has on archaic civilizations, you can study China throughout the 20th century, especially the rise and rule of Mao.  No … Continue reading

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The Beginning Of Civil Strife In China

Throughout the spring of 2008 Tibet was aflame with anti-communist support, in July of 2009 it was Xinjiang Province.  Both provinces demonstrated enormous distrust for Beijing’s cultural, political policies.  The most prestigious university in China (Tsingua University) has studied uprisings … Continue reading

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Henry Kissenger: The Rise Of Red China & The Eclipse Of American Hegemony?

No other man alive today has the experience to understand, explicate and mitigate the rise of Communist China more than Dr. Kissenger.  Ironically, his latest book due May 17 2011 is a failed attempt to make sense of China’s diplomacy … Continue reading

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General David Petraeus Ph.D., Icon Of Counterinsurgency & The Ideals Of Mao Tse-tung & Sun Tzu

About fifteen years ago Nien Cheng (author of ‘Life & Death In Shanghai’) gave the commencement address at Marist College in New York.  I was unaware of her life and her relation to Mao Tse-tung, she was best friends with … Continue reading

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Debased Currencies & The Origins Of War

The United States continues to lose its standard of living primarily by debasing its currency.  Excessive taxation, excessive fiscal spending in Congress coupled with the intrinsic dangers of fiat (paper) money divorced from any extrinsic standard (read gold) provide the … Continue reading

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