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Yellen, the Economy & Macro-Prudential Conceit

Central Bankers throughout the U.S. have a real psychological problem, they can’t trust the data that animates the models they study.  This is why character remains the sole foundation for applied politics.  A Paul Volcker or Milton Friedman would not … Continue reading

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Joaquin El Chapo Guzman: Symbolic Victory

The capture of Mexico’s greatest drug kingpin since the 1993 killing of Colombian capo Pablo Escobar will only remain symbolic IF Mexican monetary authorities fail in their monetarist revolution. Let me explain. The Mexican Central Bank has decided to employ … Continue reading

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Getting Govmint to work: the agenda

The nauseating retort regarding American institutional leaders at the Executive & the Fed’s inability to ‘stimulate’ growth isn’t news to monetarists.  I’ve written at length in this blog of the intemperate ideologues incessant misplaced belief in the power of technocracy. … Continue reading

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Why/How The Euro-Union Continues To Lose: A Brief History/Overview

Milton Friedman, Bernard Connolly, John Taylor and Robert Mundell were the first writers in their respective fields of macroeconomics to anticipate fundamental, structural errors underwriting the Eurozone charter.  The complete lack of enforcement controls regarding debt, deficits or depreciation; the … Continue reading

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Structural Unemployment: The New Reality

Other than George Orwell, I can only think of two men who engagingly wrote about the social impact of superior technology on permanent unemployment:  Milton Friedman & Peter Drucker.  Dr. Drucker is a far more sophisticaed realist than the arcane … Continue reading

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Grand Pursuit: Story Of Economic Genius

The love of central planning, esotericism and specialization dominate economics (political economy) like no other discipline.  How else to explain the likes of Paul Samuelson, Karl Marx, John Maynard Keynes, Joan Robinson and Irving Fischer.  The soft underbelly reveals a … Continue reading

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The Immediate Demise Of The Euro

Desmond Lachman is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a formidable Think Tank in Washington D.C.  He has recently given a lecture espousing the immediate unraveling and collapse of the Euro.  Enclosed here are the fine points of … Continue reading

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