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Beijing: The Challenge of Managing New Growth Cycles

The ‘boys’ in Beijing are about to undertake a grand initiative, they know that cheap manufacturing in their Southern Hemisphere cannot go on forever.  They also know that  to really compete they must transform their entire political economy away from … Continue reading

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Joaquin El Chapo Guzman: Symbolic Victory

The capture of Mexico’s greatest drug kingpin since the 1993 killing of Colombian capo Pablo Escobar will only remain symbolic IF Mexican monetary authorities fail in their monetarist revolution. Let me explain. The Mexican Central Bank has decided to employ … Continue reading

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Failed Keynesian Kraft Explains Rising Inequality

When John B. Taylor from Stanford University wrote that the source for Americas income inequality remains weak growth, I found solace in at least acknowledging that some economists haven’t fallen for the mythic achievement that animates the convictions of progressive … Continue reading

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Socialists at the CBO: The Craft of Keynesian Economics

Monetarism defeated Keynesianism. Period. But you would not know that from the bean counters that work the CBO (Congressional Budget Office).  These Keynesians are the most astute fellow travelers one can imagine.  Any brief look at how the Federal Budget … Continue reading

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Dr. Ronald I. McKinnon: The Arab Spring & Loose Money at Federal Reserve

Don’t expect a synoptic approach from arcane specialists. Arnold Toynbee’s massive 12 volumes on the “Study of History” spells out the social and psychological relation between pusillanimity and the pathetic drive to fine a niche from which to survive.  This … Continue reading

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The Alternative Gnomes of Macro-finance: Dr. Allan Meltzer & Dr. Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr.

I just love the contemporary students of Hayek and Ludwig von Mises in the names of Allan Meltzer and Gerard P.  O’Driscoll.  Dr. O’Driscoll is a former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.  Both men continue to hammer … Continue reading

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