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China Parries US Tax Reform

The single greatest threat China has is US tax reform and the consequential repatriation of hundreds of millions of dollars back to the US.  Although this would damage both the Fed’s and Treasury’s historical mien of demand based inflation, an … Continue reading

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The Mythology of Authority: Keynesian Abdication Called Secular Stagnation

When Raymond Aron wrote The Opium of Intellectuals, he wasn’t thinking of defending a perfect asshole like Paul Krugman, the Keynesian authority cited as the source for the canard secular stagnation.  Nor was he thinking of Dreyfus on French Guyana, even … Continue reading

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The House Hits Yellen: FRAT & Taylor Rule

The Federal Reserve Accountability and Transparency Act (F.R.A.T.) is a bill in the House of Representatives that seeks to have the Federal Reserve pursue its policy objectives using a formula advocated by Milton Friedman some 50 years ago.  Although Dr. … Continue reading

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A Plurality of Monetary Regimes

Brace yourself to absorb an onslaught chiefly derived from dubious assumptions about the exalted social, political claims of monetary policy, specifically the single most significant political, cultural achievement since the American Founding:  a defunct Keynesian empire and the resurgence of … Continue reading

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Of Feral Hogs & Wild Turkey: The Federal Reserve and the Search for Yield

Everyone invested in the Wall Street is worried that the Federal Reserve will finally take away the punch bowl.  Buzz Ben made such statements recently to the effect of scaring the market.   Can this be made sense of? First … Continue reading

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The Alternative Gnomes of Macro-finance: Dr. Allan Meltzer & Dr. Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr.

I just love the contemporary students of Hayek and Ludwig von Mises in the names of Allan Meltzer and Gerard P.  O’Driscoll.  Dr. O’Driscoll is a former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.  Both men continue to hammer … Continue reading

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Keynes vs. Hayek: The Great Debate About American Future

The stimulus package passed by the Obama administration has failed.  By definition we’re witnessing the complete death of Keynesian macoro-economics.  Although Reagan and the ‘supply-siders’ drove the stake into the heart of Keynes, it has become quite apparent to those … Continue reading

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The American Founders On Monetary Policy

Hamilton was trusted enough by Washington to be given the responsibility of securing timely payment of creditors who had financed the Revolutionary War.  The founders understood the need to be solvent in their nascent undertaking of beginning this great Republic. … Continue reading

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