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Iran’s Satanic Mullahs Use Religion

There are a handful of Persian specialists who truly understand the theocratic, political nature of the Iranian regime.  Amir Taheri is one of them.  Abbas Milani at Hoover is another.  Both men understand the relation between expressed autocratic power and … Continue reading

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Power Resides in the Clergy: Iran & that ’70’s Show

The American left is about to get schooled in the fine art of power politics.  If Putin can run to both the ideological left & right of Obama, just wait until Iran gets traction on the American’s. Most academics who … Continue reading

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Team Obama In Israel: The Charm Offensive, The Makeup

I think a cynical view of team Obama’s motivation for an Israeli engagement is justified. This man and his views have no love for the strategic environment from which the Israeli’s live.  After losing numerous domestic political battles, the press … Continue reading

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The Myopia of Joe Biden: Iran at Parchin

Everyone remembers how the Vice President debates revealed a justification for American complacency regarding Iran:  they’re a long way off from getting a delivery system!  Biden’s retort is politically naive.  Let’s get to the details. Aside from the reality that … Continue reading

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The Fragility of Persia: Domestic Unrest & A Wavering West

It isn’t hard to see that the Mullahs are showing signs of panic, now would be a good time to hit Iran given its proclivity towards domestic unrest and real poverty. Throughout Persia, the tentacles of Iran have taken to … Continue reading

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The Mullah’s & The Bomb

Seventy years ago this past week marks the very first controlled nuclear reaction which took place under the bleachers of the old Stagg Field at the University of Chicago.  There America found how to harness the power of the atom … Continue reading

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How To Topple The Theocrats In Teheran

Dr. Jamsheed K. Cloksy is the Senior Professor for Persian Studies at the Center on American and Global Security a Think Tank in Washington D.C., his recent analysis on the intrinsic weaknesses of the Iranian regime, specifically how we might … Continue reading

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