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The Ideological Drive Animating Policy Convictions Of F.O.M.C.

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is responsible for setting macroeconomic policy trends in consultation with its chairman.  Why is this significant?  Keynesian thought has overt socialist underpinnings that work at odds with market based trends.  The classic case is … Continue reading

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“Its Our Currency: Its YOUR Problem!”

John Connolly hasn’t helped the credibility of any U.S. Treasury Secretary since his comments recorded unprofessional duplicity effectively goading Arab OPEC to launch its ‘oil-shock’ that became official Saudi policy after the Israeli victory of ’73. The incipient currency crisis … Continue reading

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Nixon, Kissinger & the forgotten genocide

With Bangladesh in the news, its a good time to get caught up on the chaos of an emerging Democracy developing within militant confessional identities. Make no mistake, if a nuclear exchange is to occur it will be between India … Continue reading

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Obama: The AfPak Strategy, What Nixon & Kissenger Can Teach

If Nixon hadn’t committed political suicide in Watergate, he would have turned a very diplomatic war into a massive win given how the Tet offensive was a disaster for the North Vietnamese.   Yes, the Marxist doctrine on insurgency was … Continue reading

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Fouad Ajami: Critical Of The Untested Redeemer That Became Barack Obama

There were two ‘wisemen’ who had the ear of both President Bush and Vice President Cheney immediately after September 11 and during crunch time in Iraq 2006.  They were Professor Emeritus Bernard Lewis from Princeton University and Dr. Fouad Ajami … Continue reading

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