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A Rixoic Victory: Tehran 1 : The Great Satan 0

Amir Taheri remains a signifiant asset, those that continue to follow his intelligence briefings as I do remain indebted to man who embodies the highest standards of international affairs.  His latest brief on how the American’s fared as they grappled … Continue reading

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The Myopia of Joe Biden: Iran at Parchin

Everyone remembers how the Vice President debates revealed a justification for American complacency regarding Iran:  they’re a long way off from getting a delivery system!  Biden’s retort is politically naive.  Let’s get to the details. Aside from the reality that … Continue reading

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The Fragility of Persia: Domestic Unrest & A Wavering West

It isn’t hard to see that the Mullahs are showing signs of panic, now would be a good time to hit Iran given its proclivity towards domestic unrest and real poverty. Throughout Persia, the tentacles of Iran have taken to … Continue reading

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The Mullah’s & The Bomb

Seventy years ago this past week marks the very first controlled nuclear reaction which took place under the bleachers of the old Stagg Field at the University of Chicago.  There America found how to harness the power of the atom … Continue reading

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Hitting Iran: How To Do It & Win

The Obama administration has tried to reconcile the futility of curbing Tehran’s nuclear ambitions through diplomatic means, albeit half-heartedly as evidenced from the July 02, 2012 meeting between U.S. and Russian nuclear negotiators meeting for the fourth time in Istanbul. … Continue reading

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Benny Avni: Israel Hitting Iran, The Contemporary Signs

For over two years Israel has been preparing its armed forces to attack the Iranian nuclear program, but only those who monitor and have the honored trust of both political and military officials discern the hidden movements of the Israeli … Continue reading

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