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Enlightened Despotism & the Cynicism of the Amerikan Left

The rancor and division animating the American polity has political sources.  As a recent Wall St. Journal editorial revealed, the Obama Presidency will remain historic but not consequential.  Because Amerian political life is dominated by the medium of television, real … Continue reading

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Unemployment & Federal Reserve

It’s a shame the Federal Reserve still uses an ideological template (Phillips curve) to arrogate to itself a power that was discarded by Volcker and Reagan.  What both men proved was that there really NEVER was a trade off between … Continue reading

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Persian Carpet Ride: What the Mullahs Know

The only Frenchman worth listening to or reading is Amir Taheri.  His latest post is striking in its synoptic scope regarding the Iranian nuclear talks.  He wrote the following: “its not clear who is negotiating with whom.”  Why is this … Continue reading

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Daniel Henninger WSJ & Yeats

I’ve always enjoyed listening to Daniel Henninger from the Wall St. Journal, a protege of Robert Bartley, he’s a familiar voice on John Batchelor’s NYC late night talk radio show.  His latest editorial is titled ‘Obama to World:  Drop Dead’. … Continue reading

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The Mullahs Master Team Obama

If progressives love to ‘talk’ for the sake of ‘talking’, they should know that they’re being mastered by the ultra-realists Mullahs who seek to keep this ‘game’ going to essentially run out the clock while pursuing a nuclear break-out. In … Continue reading

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Putin: The Return

Vladimir Putin is overextending his hand.  Like all autocrats, he cannot accept a losing hand.  He wants a conflict over the status of Ukraine and Crimea.  Having a weak U.S. executive and a compliant E.U helps Putin.  This will get … Continue reading

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The Retreat Agenda: Brave New Disordered World

When Hobbes & Machiavelli wrote they both experienced the world as short, brutish and violent.  Something an American would only experience in a state of war, or as Hobbes would have it, a war of all against all. The Framers … Continue reading

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The Great Betrayal

When Poland’s foreign minister Sikorski along with his German counterpart Frank Walter told Ukrainian protest leadership to sign recent pledge effectively ending the uprising or ‘you’ll all be dead’, was a betrayal of the very moral leadership that ended Soviet … Continue reading

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Obama: Non-Performance Presidency, the Consequences

We should note that having a non-performing Presidency has consequences.  U.S. domestic policy isn’t where one looks to see its reverberations.   But those nations that have aligned with us whose internal political, social or geographic constitutions are unnaturally affiliated … Continue reading

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The 1%’ers

Dr. James Piereson at the Manhattan Institute has lambasted the rhetoric animating the convictions of team Obama’s ‘income inequality’ slogan that is to be used among progressives to shield them from the non-performance that is Obama’s Presidency. Let’s get a … Continue reading

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