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The Retreat Agenda: Brave New Disordered World

When Hobbes & Machiavelli wrote they both experienced the world as short, brutish and violent.  Something an American would only experience in a state of war, or as Hobbes would have it, a war of all against all. The Framers … Continue reading

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Obama: Non-Performance Presidency, the Consequences

We should note that having a non-performing Presidency has consequences.  U.S. domestic policy isn’t where one looks to see its reverberations.   But those nations that have aligned with us whose internal political, social or geographic constitutions are unnaturally affiliated … Continue reading

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Presidential Abdication & The Imperatives of a Dominant Pax Americana

Never before in American history has any President subordinated the political imperatives underwriting American hegemony to the confines of personal ambition. Even Lyndon Johnson and Nixon implicitly understood the limits of an aggrandized self. Not with Barak Obama, we’re dealing … Continue reading

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