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Why Political Regimes Matter & the Limits of Covenants

For decades now, the west and by extension Israel which is often thought of as an American frontier, has been besieged by propaganda that an openly agreed covenant would resolve the peace process; a nomenclature of U.S. Department of State. … Continue reading

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Israeli Strategy: Gaza

The Israeli effort to defeat a terrorist (Hamas) enclave in Gaza is a piece of an arch that until now has been out of Israeli reach.  Destroying Hamas’ underground infrastructure, isolating it diplomatically while hunting down numerous Iranian proxies that … Continue reading

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Hamas & the Kerry Debacle

Why did Hamas launch rockets? Because it sought to end its isolation. Geographically, Egypt’s al-Sisi closed down its east/west corridor to Gaza, leaving only the Gulf of Arden as a the sole viable transport for any Shia, Iranian proxy in … Continue reading

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The Carnage of Peace: Hamas vs. Israel

The kidnapping and torture of three Israeli teens in Hebron by Hamas and its regional allies ushers in a much needed strategic, moral contrast between an uber-utopian U.S. policy and the Machiavellian realists of Iran and its proxies.  The sad … Continue reading

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The Israeli Nightmare

Let’s be clear:  the mortal enemies of Israel have read our weakness in re-electing team Obama.  This is the reason why Israel is surrounded like a wounded animal, with prey seeking slow destruction.  Although the Israeli’s have retained the option … Continue reading

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Martin Kramer & The Failings Of The Pax Americana

Martin Kramer is an authority on political governance throughout the Near East, he has written an interesting essay contrasting contemporary liberal Neo-Marxian view of hegemony with realism in the Tablet. “In the Middle East, power is a zero sum game, … Continue reading

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The Mideast Peace Process: Harbinger Of Cynicism

Very few authors truly grasp the political and social significance of what has been termed the ‘Peace Process’, Shmuel Katz and Dennis Ross remain the most fair minded and realist writers on a most difficult topic.  Recently, Bret Stevens from … Continue reading

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