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The Wizard’s Of A Lost Federal Reserve & The Perils Of Macroeconomic Specialization

For Barney Kilgore & Robert Bartley!  Deeply missed and beloved. The recent acclaim that the Federal Reserve is out of ammunition meets public sentiment of a failed Presidency to generate a milieu that is downright UNAMERICAN!  The clarion call to … Continue reading

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The Perils Of Specialization: Statecraft, Technology, Education & Personal Growth

If any writer, thinker prepared American readers to understand the perils of specialization it was Dr. Peter Drucker, a contemporary of the late great Nobel winner in economics Fredrick Hayek.  Hayek knew Drucker from his days at the Austrian School … Continue reading

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A Warning Regarding The Limits Of Technology In Warfare

Throughout Arnold Toynbee’s twelve volume reading ‘A Study of History’; he provides the reader with dozens of examples whereby a growing civilization possessed technical superiority both culturally and materially yet failed in its encounter with a less specialized intractable enemy. … Continue reading

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