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Enlightened Despotism & the Cynicism of the Amerikan Left

The rancor and division animating the American polity has political sources.  As a recent Wall St. Journal editorial revealed, the Obama Presidency will remain historic but not consequential.  Because Amerian political life is dominated by the medium of television, real … Continue reading

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Obama: Non-Performance Presidency, the Consequences

We should note that having a non-performing Presidency has consequences.  U.S. domestic policy isn’t where one looks to see its reverberations.   But those nations that have aligned with us whose internal political, social or geographic constitutions are unnaturally affiliated … Continue reading

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The Charm Offensive & The Obama Budget, What It Portends

The President failed.  His turn around to engage Congress portends that a rude political education is taking place while on the job. Let’s explain. First, whoever runs the House runs Washington. Secondly, the differences between both political parties budgets are … Continue reading

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