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A Priestess Called Oprah

We wouldn’t have Trump for President if it weren’t for Obama, and it isn’t possible to entertain Oprah’s bid for the Presidency without all the ideological preening that currently animates American progressives.  From identity politics to victimhood, Oprah’s candidacy will … Continue reading

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The Ineptitude of our Political Masters

Fast track trade authority will go nowhere.  Why?  Because as the WSJ has editorialized some months ago, we’ve got the most unpolitical president EVER.  Look, here’s a brief tutorial for anyone aspiring to become an executive:  when you possess political … Continue reading

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Easy Money, Lazy President, Lame Congress

I continue to discover a discontent that is not confined to New Yawk alone. Throughout the country, citizens are beginning to affirm an unsightly conviction, namely that the President doesn’t have our back! This is unusual for the simple reason … Continue reading

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