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Inflation & the Federal Reserve

The chatter-media class has hit its note in unison, unemployment is down and inflation is rising.  Even though the recession ended in June ’09, the U.S. economy has been in negative territory since late 2008. How best to explain this? … Continue reading

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Of Feral Hogs & Wild Turkey: The Federal Reserve and the Search for Yield

Everyone invested in the Wall Street is worried that the Federal Reserve will finally take away the punch bowl.  Buzz Ben made such statements recently to the effect of scaring the market.   Can this be made sense of? First … Continue reading

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Dow Jones Hit’s the Ceiling During Sequestration: How To View A Rising Market During Budget Cuts

The Keynesians at team Obama are good Socialists to believe that any cuts in govmint outlays would damage growth.  The logic here is simple:  growth in govmint = GROWTH. Philosophically, this isn’t difficult to understand, for the Keynesians come from … Continue reading

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The FED, Buzz Ben and QE ‘To Infinity and Beyond’: The Update

For those who adamantly follow the inner machinations of the Federal Reserve, you know that a few distinct brave members have not given Buzz Ben an imprimatur to continue printing money (quantitative easing QE), we’re beginning to witness the vocal … Continue reading

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Ben Folds 5

A non-sequitur is a Latin term translated as ‘it does not follow’; referring to a conclusion that does not follow from the main premise.  It is usually considered a fallacy, meaning an error in one’s thinking. I had a similar … Continue reading

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Henry Kaufman: Critiques The Federal Reserve Strategy

The monetary policy of this Federal Reserve is to pump more money into the economy to raise the rate of inflation, in so doing, this Chairman hopes to gain an increase of the rate of personal consumption. This is really … Continue reading

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Wrecking The Currency & Widening Its Mandate: An Out Of Control Federal Reserve

For those not familiar with the most powerful unelected body in the United States government, the Federal Reserve’s founding mandate was to monitor inflation and maintaining stable prices; it way off its mandate as we consider the OMC (open market … Continue reading

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The Wizard’s Of A Lost Federal Reserve & The Perils Of Macroeconomic Specialization

For Barney Kilgore & Robert Bartley!  Deeply missed and beloved. The recent acclaim that the Federal Reserve is out of ammunition meets public sentiment of a failed Presidency to generate a milieu that is downright UNAMERICAN!  The clarion call to … Continue reading

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Keynes vs. Hayek: The Great Debate About American Future

The stimulus package passed by the Obama administration has failed.  By definition we’re witnessing the complete death of Keynesian macoro-economics.  Although Reagan and the ‘supply-siders’ drove the stake into the heart of Keynes, it has become quite apparent to those … Continue reading

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Why Stocks Will Rise 2010: Reading The Financial Future

I’ve continuously written how specialists live and think in a vacuum.  I’ve also written to explain why this is so deadly in a decentralized political economy that the U.S. has morphed into. Why will stocks rise in the immediate future? … Continue reading

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