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Maajid Nawaz & The Defeat Of Fascist Islam

Maajid Nawaz is the cofounder of the counter-extremism think tank Quilliam and founder of the Khudi movement, which works to promote Democracy and democratic mores in Pakistan.  He recently wrote about the ever increasing fascist drive that dominates contemporary Islam … Continue reading

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Why Samuel Huntington’s “Clash Of Civilizations” Is Inadequate

There are two authorities on international relations whom have the temerity and fortitude to see the inadequacies of Samuel Huntington’s ‘Clash Of Civilizations’, a model developed more than a decade ago to explain world order.  Both Ms Ayann Hirsi Ali … Continue reading

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Escape From Freedom

Their remain very few writers whom understood the perils of Totalitarian life and its psychological consequences better than Orwell, Tocqueville, Huxley, Pope John aPaul II, Raymond Aron, Churchill or Frankl.  All have written extensively on pursuing lines of thought critical … Continue reading

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