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Pope Gives God 2 Week Notice

Those familiar with the political machinations of Catholic officials noticed the immense political overtones with the resignation of Ratzinger (Pope Benedict.)  It isn’t difficult to surmise nor anticipate his immediate moves throughout the near conclave.  He’s called a conclave so … Continue reading

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Spinoza, Kant, Solomon Maimon & Jewish Secularization In 18th Century Europe

‘The Road to Modernity’ by Gertrud Himmelfarb, the wife of Irving Kristol and mother of Fox News contributor and founder/editor of Washington’s ‘The Weekly Standard’ William Kristol is the most significant public contribution to any understanding of the European Enlightenment … Continue reading

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Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger & The Strategy Of Enveloping Secularism

The ancient Christian writer Tertullian rhetorically asked “What has Athens to do with Jerusalem”?  The entire corpus of Christian humanism can be balanced on a critique of this one very divisive question.  Athens stands for reason, Jerusalem for faith. As … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict XVI Christianity Today

As a Cardinal, the current Pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, has often remarked on how it is that Christianity is no longer viable.  He fervently believes that philosophical relativism is a true obstacle to recovery of our faith.  He has written … Continue reading

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