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Taming Bond Market Vigilantes

The U.S. Federal Reserve has tamed bond vigilantes.  Because prices move inversely to bond yields, historically, active investors reacted to adverse monetary or fiscal policies by dumping bonds that consequently raise yields.  Because the FED was the only game in … Continue reading

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Fiscal & Military Solvency

The United States currently resides in a position of strategic weakness, we’ve got a fiscal solvency problem and a posture-readiness problem.  Truth is, we’re unable to address either quickly, or at least sufficiently.  We need time.  But we don’t really … Continue reading

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The Mythology of Authority: Keynesian Abdication Called Secular Stagnation

When Raymond Aron wrote The Opium of Intellectuals, he wasn’t thinking of defending a perfect asshole like Paul Krugman, the Keynesian authority cited as the source for the canard secular stagnation.  Nor was he thinking of Dreyfus on French Guyana, even … Continue reading

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The Ideological Drive Animating Policy Convictions Of F.O.M.C.

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is responsible for setting macroeconomic policy trends in consultation with its chairman.  Why is this significant?  Keynesian thought has overt socialist underpinnings that work at odds with market based trends.  The classic case is … Continue reading

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GOP: Autopsy. . .

Now the CPAC is over its time for an assessment of where/what the GOP is?  Identity development is significant, for no institution can surmount challenges without sufficient formation of an articulated self understanding.  Florida’s recent Congressional win favoring the GOP … Continue reading

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U.S. Foreign Policy: Ideal vs. Real

To the vast majority of foreign policy specialists, the golden age of collaboration and consensus remains WWII, more specifically, the political union that existed between the U.S. and Britain.  The problem with this interpretation is that its grounded in pure … Continue reading

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The Employment Impact of Obama-Care

Everyone knows that higher minimum wage laws add to higher rates of unemployment.  If the State forces employers to hire at a specific wage, they simply decline to hire anyone.  The liberty of contract that underwrote so much of our … Continue reading

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Jeane Kirkpatrick: Reagan’s Iron Lady In Waiting

During the Reagan Administration no one threatened James Baker more than Dr. Jeane Kirkpatrick.  How I miss Reagan’s Iron Lady! Professor of International Relations at Columbia University, Cold War hawk; a Conservative with credentials and temperament that horsewhipped the Shia … Continue reading

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How To Understand Ronald Reagan

His personal aid, Martin Anderson called him ‘warmly ruthless’, many of his children and friends often spoke how he maintained an aloofness that bordered the neurotic.  Studying Reagan over the years I have come to admire Lord Acton’s saying that rarely … Continue reading

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The Shuffle At Foggy Bottom: Political & Social Consequences For A Broken Entitlement State

I was stunned by Robert Gates’ statement about American Power.  He said “AMERICA CAN BE A SUPERPOWER OR A WELFARE STATE, BUT NOT BOTH!” Reagan knew that American global power begins at home.  If we have learned anything, its that … Continue reading

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