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The Charm Offensive & The Obama Budget, What It Portends

The President failed.  His turn around to engage Congress portends that a rude political education is taking place while on the job. Let’s explain. First, whoever runs the House runs Washington. Secondly, the differences between both political parties budgets are … Continue reading

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Dow Jones Hit’s the Ceiling During Sequestration: How To View A Rising Market During Budget Cuts

The Keynesians at team Obama are good Socialists to believe that any cuts in govmint outlays would damage growth.  The logic here is simple:  growth in govmint = GROWTH. Philosophically, this isn’t difficult to understand, for the Keynesians come from … Continue reading

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The Sequester: How To Implement Cuts The Smart Way

The Gramm-Rudman Sequester (automatic fiscal budget cuts) in 1986 created lasting cuts in the federal budget, what’s happening these days are not cuts but reductions in the rate of spending.  The distinction isn’t dubious, but the chatter class isn’t interested … Continue reading

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What Happened At The Fiscal Cliff

Ok, you’re sick of it.  So let me put it straight and simple.  What was agreed upon during the so called negotiation immediately before the ‘fiscal cliff’ was a tax increase disguised as tax reform. Try not to laugh.  Its … Continue reading

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