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Identity & Personhood In Ancient Rome: The Specificity Of Christian Ethics vs. The Eros Of Selfish Property

This blog has dealt sufficiently with the concept of ‘The Specificity of Christian Ethics’ at great length, it cannot be ignored how secular life itself is a perversion of Christianity.  This insight will move into greater relief as the West … Continue reading

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The Social Crisis of the Working Class

Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington remains the single most significant sociologist since the passing of Seymour Martin Lipset.  His latest is titled ‘The State of White America’.  This is a startling account of reversal of America’s … Continue reading

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Karol Wojtyla On Imago Dei

‘In affirming that the spouses, as parents, cooperate with God the Creator in conceiving and giving birth to a new human being, we are not speaking merely with reference to the laws of biology.  Instead we wish to emphasize that … Continue reading

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The Domestic Challenge Facing The West

Just what exactly is a culture war? It’s about competing forms of authority, and how they inform and shape human freedom. Today that war is waged within the once sacred, confined domain of the family, sexual ethics, law, technology, even … Continue reading

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The Motivation of John Paul II

Throughout his Papacy John Paul II had the conviction that the Church must play the central role in assisting how to discern true from false freedom.  As a trained moral theologian, Karol Wojtyla understood the demands of reason in modernity, … Continue reading

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John Paul II: Sex

“In fact it is one thing to be conscious that the value of sex is part of all the rich storehouse of values with which the female appears to the male; it is another to reduce all the personal riches … Continue reading

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Autism: Heredity & Milieu

The National Scientific Council for the Developing Child is a Harvard based research group from top Universities around the United States whose mission is the study of emerging disorders within the child.  Anyone with a child whom possesses psychological or … Continue reading

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