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Shariah: Threat To America

The C.I.A. has developed a competitive threat analysis team to examine policy analysis regarding Islamic terrorism.  This past September the CIA released its report titled ‘Sharia:  Threat To America’.  This 177 page report is lethal in its realism regarding the … Continue reading

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Fascist Islam: History & Prospects

Although Malise Ruthven is credited with coining the term ‘Islamofascism’ while writing for the British Independent in 1990, the term was coined by Maxine Rodinson.  Nevertheless, we have throughout the west a vast intellectual reserve providing antecedents for us to … Continue reading

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Sharia Law: The Buttress of Jihad, Target America!

The American citizenry is aware that foreign enemies reside domestically.  This remains a formidable but not unmanageable problem for our legal system and courts.  The intractable, unmanageable problem is philosophical if a portion of our governing officials partake in the … Continue reading

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Mosque at Ground Zero!

Most Americans remain unaware of the plans for a Mosque just a few blocks away from the former World Trade Center.  My guess is that most Americans possess the strength of their convictions.  That strength will be on full display … Continue reading

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