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U.S. Congress Outsources Responsibilities To Federal Reserve

Only two scholars worthy of mention have the temerity to speak their minds regarding a the deadly relation between a wimpish Congress and an arrogant Federal Reserve.  Dr. Allan Meltzer of the American Enterprise Institute and David Malpass, the former … Continue reading

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Fundamentals Of Economic Growth

Money does not drive economic growth.  Investment does.  Growing the money supply in relation to production (read inflation) can influence investment and economic growth by lowering the price of money (interest rate) and by shifting more of the national income … Continue reading

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Keynes vs. Hayek: The Great Debate About American Future

The stimulus package passed by the Obama administration has failed.  By definition we’re witnessing the complete death of Keynesian macoro-economics.  Although Reagan and the ‘supply-siders’ drove the stake into the heart of Keynes, it has become quite apparent to those … Continue reading

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