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Hayek in Toyko: Japanese Failure

Why is Japan in free fall? Yes, its nuclear disaster and tsunami didn’t help.  But it did create the conditions for real political reform.  Japan has decided to bet yet again on more Keynesian stimulus. It will fail.  Why? Japan … Continue reading

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Henry Kaufman: Critiques The Federal Reserve Strategy

The monetary policy of this Federal Reserve is to pump more money into the economy to raise the rate of inflation, in so doing, this Chairman hopes to gain an increase of the rate of personal consumption. This is really … Continue reading

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U.S. Congress Outsources Responsibilities To Federal Reserve

Only two scholars worthy of mention have the temerity to speak their minds regarding a the deadly relation between a wimpish Congress and an arrogant Federal Reserve.  Dr. Allan Meltzer of the American Enterprise Institute and David Malpass, the former … Continue reading

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