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Trump & Iran: presage to permanent emnity

The mess team Trump inherited equals what was bequeathed to Obama economically.  My guess is that team Trump has the fortitude to look at the world realistically and venture what’s possible.  First step Iran. The May 21st approach laid out … Continue reading

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How Beijing Breaks U.S. Containment Strategy

How Beijing Breaks U.S. Containment Strategy, published in India’s Diplomacy & Beyond hagueruling.

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Israeli Strategy: Gaza

The Israeli effort to defeat a terrorist (Hamas) enclave in Gaza is a piece of an arch that until now has been out of Israeli reach.  Destroying Hamas’ underground infrastructure, isolating it diplomatically while hunting down numerous Iranian proxies that … Continue reading

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Sequestration & Strategic Parity

The irresponsible Congressional ‘impasse’ known as sequestration will hurt American strategic parity throughout every war theatre around the globe.  Our enemies in Teheran, Beijing, Islamabad, Damascus and Moscow are watching this assisted suicide with grave consequences in domains we traditionally … Continue reading

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Assad, Syria: The Political Purge, Reloading

Anyone even remotely familiar with Near Eastern politics knows that the House of Saud is waging war against Iranian proxies throughout the region.  Its a ‘balance of power’ strategy that explains Riyadh and Iranian behavior.  They’re realists who understand how … Continue reading

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The Folly of Elites at Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations is another anachronistic institution whose ties to monolithic liberalism is rendering itself obsolete in our present age of digital revolution. This is a sad state of affairs given this nations need for clarity of purpose … Continue reading

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AfPak Papers & American Statecraft

The central tenant of any counterinsurgency is the consolidation of domestic political leadership.  What the Bush administration got right was his unwillingness to bend to the wishes of the Pentagon, State, Media, Congress or Wise men on the absolute need … Continue reading

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