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Sun Tzu: On Teaching & The Soldiering Of Pupils

For anyone who has struggled teaching youth, take courage for Sun Tzu is your companion. Chapter 10 titled ‘Terrain’ No. 26 reveals:  “If a commander is indulgent, and unable to make your authority felt; kind hearted, but unable to enforce … Continue reading

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The Brilliance Of Sun Tzu: Leadership & Courting Defeat

Chapter 10 titled ‘Terrain’ has a brilliant small essay (No. 10) on the six ways in which men court defeat.  It was left to a brilliant commander who lived during the time of Sun Tzu who became a commentator on … Continue reading

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General David Petraeus Ph.D., Icon Of Counterinsurgency & The Ideals Of Mao Tse-tung & Sun Tzu

About fifteen years ago Nien Cheng (author of ‘Life & Death In Shanghai’) gave the commencement address at Marist College in New York.  I was unaware of her life and her relation to Mao Tse-tung, she was best friends with … Continue reading

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Sun Tzu: Critique Of Flaws In Chapter 3 ‘Attack By Stratagem’

Sun Tzu rightly maintains three ways a ruler can bring misfortune upon his army.  I would like to examine some distinct limitations to #2 of 3.  Number 2 states “By attempting to govern an army in the same way as … Continue reading

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Sun Tzu: A Critique Of Flaws In Chapter One ‘Laying Plans’

Sun Tzu is the greatest military commander the Orient ever produced.  Reading his texts over the years has increased my admiration for him and his success.  But he is not infallible.  The United States Marine Corps in building on British … Continue reading

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Clausewitz vs. Sun Tzu

Their is an old saying at West Point:  ‘beginners study tactics, amateurs study strategy, but only the best study logistics’.  Logistics being the formal study of how one achieves a goal.  Their is not always symmetry between these competing claims … Continue reading

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Clausewitz vs. Sun-Tzu: Money Is A Weapon!

With the arrival of decentralized (personal) electronic media, fiat (paper) money is losing its worth as a store of value.  Contemporary markets have recognized that our devalued currency is being replaced by value in commodities. The internet has introduced a … Continue reading

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