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Can FARC Become Sinn Fein

When the late Martin McGuinness spoke of preparing for the long war he implicitly knew Clausewitz’s dictum that war is politics by another means. Having confounded Thatcher and divided London from Washington while Soviet propaganda raged on about Apartheid and … Continue reading

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French War Plan: The Soft Underbelly of Africa. . .

If the French ever get serious about counterterrorism they should seek to capture or kill the Islamic leadership ravaging throughout French Africa.  Indigenous French resources aren’t readily at hand, however, the reach of Paris by proxy is advantageous. Chad began … Continue reading

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The French & Charismatic Jihad

It isn’t difficult to explain the origin of France’s recent terrorist incident, the slaughter of innocent civilians at a paper devoted to satire.  What is new, is the emergence of native jihadi cells acting independently of foreign organizations.  This new … Continue reading

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The Great Gamble

There are two authorities on the AfPak region that are worth reading, Dr. Anatol Lieven who resides at King’s College, London and Ahmed Rashid.  Dr. Rashid currently has residence at Oxford University.  Both men have impeccable credentials along with language … Continue reading

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Persian Designs In Mesopotamia

War and diplomacy is filled with role reversals, ironies, contrasts that are fit for Sophocles and Shakespeare, for the social and political impact of war is always unmanageable.  When the American’s established a Shia power grab after the fall of … Continue reading

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The Great Game Begins

‘The Great Game’ otherwise known as ‘Tournament of Shadows’ was a deadly proxy fight between expansionist Russia and Imperialist England during the late 19th century.  England was defensive regarding her position as guardian of India (what constituted today’s Pakistan, Iran, … Continue reading

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Osama bin Laden: The Nemesis Of History

The death of Osama bin Laden ushers in an period of relief fit for Sophocles! It should surprise no one that violent revolutionaries are unfit to govern the impact of the means by which they rule.  This tale is well … Continue reading

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Shariah: Threat To America

The C.I.A. has developed a competitive threat analysis team to examine policy analysis regarding Islamic terrorism.  This past September the CIA released its report titled ‘Sharia:  Threat To America’.  This 177 page report is lethal in its realism regarding the … Continue reading

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Ralph Peters: Spygame

Known as an old ‘Russian Hand’; a euphemism detailing the acumen accrued by developing successful ‘cover’ as a mole behind the line of fire, Ralph Peters remains one of the finest intelligence experts the Army has produced in decades.  He … Continue reading

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Islamic Fundamentalist Terror, Revolutionary Powers: Agents Of Violent Change

Are there historical antecedents to the rise of Islamo-fascism?  What can we quarry from authors struggling to maintain an even gaze on such political violence?  How do they shape both our ability to perceive enemies and our response to such … Continue reading

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