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Turkey Wages War Against US Led Kurdish Proxies in Syria

Russia and Iran hold nominal sovereignty over Syria.  To complicate matters, Kurdish forces and indigenous Syrians trained and led by American forces have created border security guards to alleviate Turkish incursions into northwest Syria.  But on Friday, January 19, Turkish … Continue reading

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Turkey @The-Crossroads

Last weekends failed coup is testimony to a dire freneticism that splits entire social classes throughout Islamic civilization, for even Republics are beholden to ideals easily exploited. This is now on display throughout Turkey in its coup recovery.  How Erdogan’s … Continue reading

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US Policy in Iraq: Countering ISIS, Formal Policy Brief

While Nouri al-Maliki (a Shia) reels from being over-run by ISIS, its worth noting how he and The White House can formulate a coherent policy to bring Iraq back from the brink. Absent renewed ‘boots on the ground’, the only … Continue reading

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“Its Our Currency: Its YOUR Problem!”

John Connolly hasn’t helped the credibility of any U.S. Treasury Secretary since his comments recorded unprofessional duplicity effectively goading Arab OPEC to launch its ‘oil-shock’ that became official Saudi policy after the Israeli victory of ’73. The incipient currency crisis … Continue reading

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The Center Of Gravity For Turkey

The term ‘center of gravity’ is now a Cartesian term used as exclusive informed jargon for specialists in the field of international relations.  It began during the Clinton administration and is still used today to seek the criteria of intelligibility … Continue reading

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