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An Emerging Domestic Presidency

The current health care debate is actually the third; Obama’s initial tenure rammed through the ‘Affordable Care Act‘, Trump’s initial foray at the beginning of his presidency  and now the U.S. Senate failure to ‘repeal & replace‘.  It looks like … Continue reading

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Persian Carpet Ride: What the Mullahs Know

The only Frenchman worth listening to or reading is Amir Taheri.  His latest post is striking in its synoptic scope regarding the Iranian nuclear talks.  He wrote the following: “its not clear who is negotiating with whom.”  Why is this … Continue reading

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Gilded Age: Prominence & Patricide

Anyone familiar with the Hudson River Valley in New York State is familiar with the rise of tourism that accompanied the twenty-five year economic boom that we sustained since Reagan.  All along the Hudson River are mansions from the Gilded … Continue reading

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