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Dr. Ronald I. McKinnon: The Arab Spring & Loose Money at Federal Reserve

Don’t expect a synoptic approach from arcane specialists. Arnold Toynbee’s massive 12 volumes on the “Study of History” spells out the social and psychological relation between pusillanimity and the pathetic drive to fine a niche from which to survive.  This … Continue reading

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Dr. Strangelove: Eric Hobsbawn & The Satanic Sons of Equality

I guess tenure really does make one both unimportant and unproductive.  How else to explain the denial, a denial of pathological proportions, that continues to influence the lives of ensconsed intellectuals.  There are only a few people similiar to the weight … Continue reading

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The True Spirit Of A Counterrevolutionary: Whittaker Chambers A Tormented Man

Most readers of this very blog are not old enough to remember the vapid ideological atmosphere that gripped the 1930’s as examined throughout the writings of Norman Podhoretz or Irving Kristol.  Both men ruthlessly examined the shape and commitment of … Continue reading

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