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The Last Stand of William Manchester

How difficult it is to finally have to let go of an idol that served so well. Some years ago, this personally painful insight fell to one of America’s finest biographers.  William Manchester.  Known for his brilliant work on Churchill, … Continue reading

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John Paul II: The Defeat Of Modernity & A New Birth Of Freedom

Raymond Aron, Isaiah Berlin, Winston Churchill and Pope John Paul II had much in common.  Aron and the French left were ardent in their support of a secular humanism that had its birth in 1789, Berlin was a deracinated Jew … Continue reading

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A Women Of Many Lovers: Scandalous Life Of Jane Digby

I suppose it runs in families.  The many and various lovers of Jane Digby was on display in March of 2010 with the death of Winston Churchill (great grandson).  The great british biographer Mary S. Lovell has written a very … Continue reading

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Geography, Child Rearing, Dominant Politics & Influences On Personality Development

The sad truth concerning most graduate study was the sheer limitedness, narrowness that comprises most disciplines, this is especially damaging for the humanities where a synoptic approach is most adequately required.  The arts have been displaced from their primacy since … Continue reading

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