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R.I.P. Eric Hobsbawm: Child of The Lost Generation

I have written before about Dr. Hobsbawm.  I will not elaborate nor defend what British institutions have borne, namely a brilliant yet terribly misplaced intellect primarily shaped in the cauldron that became the First World War and its aftermath, namely … Continue reading

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Eisenhower’s Pitbull

The biographies of World War II Generals have filled the shelves of bookstores for years.  What remains to be written are the biographies of men who were the Chief’s of Staff to such generals.  The University of Kentucky has released … Continue reading

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Adolf Hitler: The Fuhrer In The Making

Dr.  James Billington has resided as the Chief Librarian at the Library of Congress for decades.  Recently he remarked that Lincoln, Shakespeare and Jesus have more published each year it remains impossible for any scholar to maintain a grasp given … Continue reading

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George Orwell & Aldous Huxley Fathers of Doublespeak: A Clarion Call To Church & Artists

Both Orwell (real name Eric Blair) and Huxley left a substantial body of work that bore out the conviction that modern man was incapable of coping, resolving the demands of his time.  Other writers, less artistic yet still formidable in … Continue reading

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