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Beijing’s Fiscal Grand Strategy

What does a competitor do when its outmatched?  It develops and uses the superior techniques of its aggressor, and in so doing competes on more equitable ground. That’s what Communist China has been doing since Deng Xiaoping took over from … Continue reading

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The Chinese Response To U.S. Currency Devaluation

If you are a Chinese Nationalist living in Beijing, you are aware that the United States has begun a currency war.  To steal exports from China, the United States has decided that it will debase (cheapen) its currency to attract … Continue reading

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The Cry Of Currency Manipulation Among The Specialists: Modern Cassandra’s To Be Ignored

Mr. Robert Pozen has eloquently written of Beijing’s autocrats maintaining unfair trade practices by artificially pegging their dollar to ours.  In so doing, our Federal Reserve is outsourcing its expertise to the Chinese along with inflation and the creation of … Continue reading

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