Nawaz Sharif’s dynasty in Pakistan halted

This is the third time he’s been Pakistan’s Prime Minister.  Its also the third time the Army has orchestrated his demise.  Army leadership is threatened by Sharif’s willingness to make peace with India, close down Kashmir and normalize trade relations with New Delhi.  These are fault lines the Army uses in the maintenance of its political power.

Sharif returned to Lahore from England where his wife is dying of cancer.  Arrested with his daughter upon arrival throws the entire nation state into turmoil.  With elections on July 26, Sharif is gambling big.

The gamble is to deny Army leadership the sanctity of elections.  Sharif can no longer reside outside of Pakistan.  Having been previously exiled to Saudi Arabia, he’s determined to harness the up-coming elections threatening to undermine whatever the Army rigs on July 26.

My guess is the Army will continue to thwart anyone who wishes to check the Citadel.


About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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