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History & The Liturgy

Is history alone the central focus of celebration during the liturgy?  No, for what the liturgy makes present is the encounter of a person who dialates the history of salvation into Himself. Precisely because our faith anchoring events are historical, … Continue reading

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Symbolism Defined

Their are five conditions in defining the theological concept of symbol: 1.  A sensible reality 2.  Which renders us present to and 3.  Involves a person objectively in 4.  A transforming experience of 5.  A transcendent mystery. This is most … Continue reading

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Meaning of Death

“Death itself is anything but an event without hope.  It is the door which opens wide on eternity and, for those who live in Christ, an experience of participation in the mystery of His Death and Resurrection.”  Pope John Paul … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

Every life begins with great promise.  How this promise grows depends on our willingness to accept the challenge of grace in all its tragedy, comedy and unique wonder. Every person knows what fearful destiny waits us; namely death.  Nevertheless, in … Continue reading

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