Short Premier on Israeli Calculations with Moscow via Syria

Putin continues to look the other way when the Israeli’s hit Iranian outposts just northeast of Golan.  Why?

Because Israeli success in keeping Golan free from Iranian subversion makes Tehran dependent on Moscow.  Reports are confirmed that Putin gave assurances to Netanyahu about preventing deployment of Iranian forces and their proxies in the vicinity of Golan.

The irony is this:  Russia was responsible for establishing Israel as a foil against US dependent Arab regimes.  The Soviets willingly gave diplomatic recognition and weapons to the Israelis post ’47.  When the Cold War ran hot Moscow switched up and begin funding Arab radicals disguised as nationalists.  We know how that ended.

Here’s the calculus:  so long as Israel don’t openly shoot Russian aircraft or threaten the stability of the Assad regime, this game will go on indefinitely until it detonates into a conflagration between Jerusalem & Tehran.

In a sentence, Russian interests in Syria remain incompatible with Jerusalem.  A great game is unfolding with a wary, uncommitted American at the helm.


About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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