Kick Ass: the Sequel, Imperial Style

The interim Egyptian President has immediately declared good news, the Egyptians will have a new Constitution and new elections.  

What can the West offer?

Well, if we had a functioning Pentagon/Defense Dept. that didn’t act like an adult jobs program we’d be sending over civilians.  Let me explain.

What did The United States do after it defeated Japan & Germany?

It mounted successful Imperial like authorities to midwife budding civil society.  This remains the only lasting cultural bulwark that can effectively deny Salafists any hold on Egypt.  Yes, I know we tried that in Iraq, and it demonstrated ineptitude which only Govmint can embody.  Yet still, the emergence of governing political, cultural alternatives to dysfunctional bureaucracies like Defense/State/Pentagon are emerging.

What’s required is Executive Leadership, a strong, independent Presidential Cabinet and Congressional accord in line with these emerging directives.  

America will have to live with a dysfunctional Pakistan, but the planets most populous Arab nation state wants western norms.  We should provide the institutional leadership, strengthening the final bulwark against militancy.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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