Leadership That Matters: Theresa May’s Bid To Consume The Opposition & Lead

Politics is  blood sport.  Most people only truly understand this as practitioners of State politics, but the best arena from which to discern this octagon are parliaments.  Two come to mind for their ruthlessness:  Israel & England.

Because parliaments are subjected to extreme partisan rancor, they remain unstable, their capacity to thwart national collapse rests on maintaining a homogenized social base.  Yet even with this, it remains possible that Fascism emerges when an intractable social crisis emerges.  This is occurring throughout Eastern European political economies, especially those that experienced solidarity and Communism.  The tragedy that is Catholic political regimes is perennial, until you arrive on American shores.  Having our Constitutional Republic born from within the mores of mercantile Christian Monarchies helped shape the contours of our Republicanism.

England has never had numerated documentation of its identity.  If anything, England remains dangerously susceptible to Islamism, as its national identity remains unenumerated, national consciousness would be enveloped by competing philosophies.

Theresa May’s opening gambit is to secure her premiership; she also seeks to permanently kill off Labor.  This is ambition on scale not seen in decades.  All of this occurs as backdrop to the ever widening Islamic insurgency that is Londonstan.  By pulling off a yes vote as Prime Minister, she’s actually fortifying England’s position to openly thwart Islamism.

Why did May openly seek an election after initially saying she wouldn’t.

The answer is discerned in the electoral composition of Parliament immediately after the  referendum confirming Brexit.

Because the referendum itself had no legitimacy under England’s system of parliamentary supremacy, May needs a stronger hand when facing the European Union. Tory members of the ‘remain’ side still held stronger political cards against her.  For her to move judiciously, she’ll need to redraw the ideological and political tenor or her own bench to compete both domestically and internationally.  Secondly, England’s own House of Lords possesses previously unasserted veto power.  May possessed a divided Conservative party.  To win, she’ll need to vanquish members of her own party while goring Labor.

She just “may” pull this off.

The institutional confusion isn’t difficult to discern, too many members of her own party disliked Brexit while previous Tory leadership embodied passivity to the emerging challenges gathering abroad and at home.  As such, professional politicians preferred the security of a backward looking mien.  May is different, and she needs to be if England is to survive.

Here’s what May seeks to have:  a brutally beaten opposition and a dramatically weakened House of Lords, for if she writes Brexit into a Tory governing manifesto, she’ll have produced invincible constitutional limits on what the House of Lords can obstruct.

Leadership par-excellence.


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