Islam & Famine

For a millennia humans struggled to fathom nature, sensing the world as an object in need of inquiry fell to pre-Socratic philosophy, it was here where we find man as an object of question that the Greeks discerned the beginnings of philosophy.  It would be centuries later when Islam’s movement west in a failed pincer movement seeking envelopment of both France & Vienna that Islam would finally turn inward to become the ‘sick man of Europe‘.  Prior to the discovery of the New World by Columbus, that Muslim lake (the Mediterranean) embodied a perennial fault line between Christendom & Islam under the califs.

It has returned, this war between the sons of Ishmael and Christ.  This time however, we witness interior, social, political and economic fault lines exposing profound weakness of what has become Islamic Civilization.  As of this writing, famine is hunting the sons of Ismael.  Deep within the social and racial contortions of Islam we discover a rapacious comity that the west dispensed with centuries ago.  Why is Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Nigeria and Somalia today nearly wrecked beyond repair?  Why is the Red Med (Mediterranean) and most of African trans-sahel gripped in famine?

The answer is nearly Satanic, but true.  The sons of Ishmael have never stopped murdering each other; they’ve never acquiesced to the ethical command regarding the criminalization of political differences.  Let me explain.

Other than the United States, why has each and every Republic in history failed?  It was a reality that the founders knew intimately.  The answer isn’t shocking:  the criminalization of political differences destroyed every Republic.  France is on its 5th Republic, most never had successor states, they just died off in a cataclysm of naked communal violence.  All have the progeny that was the Peloponnesian War.  Yet civil wars, insurgencies, and sectarian conflicts continue to command large relief of Islamic Civilization.  Today the instrument of choice is starvation.

In Yemen, the House of Saudi seesk to starve its southern brethren in submission.  In Nigeria, the ideology of Boko Haram has rendered most of Africa’s largest state in perpetual subjugation.  Somalia, the trans-sahel and the African Horn are all in consequence to variations of the shia-sunni divide, with allied nation states using starvation as an instrument of policy.

The British did it for centuries, just ask the Irish!  Whitehall’s official foreign policy throughout the Boer War was starvation and corral; the British in South Africa were the first to devise concentration camps.  One cannot assume that Christian Monarchies of previous centuries were never guilty, yet we devised institutions for the prevention of famine.  Today it is the Christian West that is called upon to fix global relief of famine.

Let me be clear, the famine destroying most of Islamic Africa is man made.  It is a product of war.

Stephen O’Brien represents the U.N. relief throughout Africa and is quoted telling The Economist “that this year is the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945”.  Today’s famine comes close to Mao’s record of 55 million deaths in the Great Leap Forward.  It is Islam and Marxism that continue to push for men to slaughter their fellow brother.

Famine is a political act.

The American’s have supplied the Saudi’s with their weapons, this is partly true of Nigeria.  Somalian famine has mostly to do with weather, but we should not continue our conspiracy of silence about Islam’s affinity to perpetuate civil war upon sanctioned religiosity that criminalizes race and political differences.


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