American Liberals: The New Authoritarians

Only the most engaged politicos know how the American Democratic Party morphed into a Statist oligarchy.  By appealing NOT to the universality of reason (an Enlightenment principle worthy of defense) but to the arrogation of autonomy, obscuring, obliterating anything in its path.  By eclipsing even the human person, American liberalism has morphed into a Statism known to those who’ve suffered Fascist, Socialist Governments.  Now we call it benevolent govmint!  But the wake is just the same!  Blighted cities, exhausted individuals and plummeting demography.

How does this take us to the US Senate?

The coup being arranged by Harry Reid is an attempt by the leading majority to obliterate the minority.  By eradicating the filibuster, the US Senates governing majority is seeking to impost an authority known to despots.

Let’s review.

Simply put, the filibuster is about securing the logic of the Founding, by denying the governing majority the ability to criminalize political differences.  Legislatively, this means getting rid of the 60 vote threshold.

Under the current rules, the minority party can influence legislation three ways:  offering amendments in committee, offering amendments on the floor or by negotiating with the majority before the end of debate, this is known as cloture.

Senator Reid has gutted two of these three.  What he seeks is the ability to write bills behind closed doors.  He can do this by using Senate Rule 14 which allows a Senator to bypass committees altogether and simply write THE bill.  He’s done this 70 times, with little or no input from any other Senator.

Reid has also filled the slots for available amendments, so that he can manage the arrival of HIS prescribed bill.  This is called ‘filling the tree.’  He’s done this 69 times since being elected. The only other way to circumvent this illegal maneuver is to get agreement on amendments before cloture vote.  Cloture requires 60 votes.  Remove this and you no longer have a democracy.  Bills would move to the Senate floor with no meaningful participation at all.  All Senators would be at the beck and call of the Senate Majority leader.

Wait, here’s the lie.

The Senate thinks that it can change Senate rules eliminating the 60 cloture vote requirement IF the Senate has a majority vote at the beginning of a new Congress.


The required number to amend this change is 67 votes.

Nixon was right, its not the mistake that ruins you, its the lie!

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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