The Retreat Agenda: Brave New Disordered World

When Hobbes & Machiavelli wrote they both experienced the world as short, brutish and violent.  Something an American would only experience in a state of war, or as Hobbes would have it, a war of all against all.

The Framers devoted their sacred honor to preventing the very breakdown that is being witnessed throughout the globe.  They understood that the very heart of man is divided. The implicitly knew that man would, if permitted to, ravage his fellow man.

Global relations since 1947 have been remarkably well restrained.  The reason for it:  the American regime; specifically its benevolent hegemony.  Don’t take my word for it, just ask anyone who isn’t an American.  Better yet, ask an immigrant. For the essense of what an American is, is grounded in an idea of humanness, an idea of liberty in equality.  The very reason why America is an exceptional nation is that NO nation on earth was ever dedicated to that proposition.  NO nation on earth ever shaped its governing institutions to reflect this Christian anthropology.  Until the War of American Independence.

Any brief look at a global scorecard shows an American regime in retreat.


As the American regime retreats from underwriting global security; as American leadership willfully retreats from its role as the protector of global order, we’ll see emerging civil wars, public uprisings and nasty bloody disputs proliferate.  Absent the threat of real retribution, no one will back down, no one will retreat.  IT WILL NOT END!

UKRAINE:  Vladimir Putin continues to overextend himself, from established beachheads in Nicaragua, to funding Iranian nuclear ambitions, to playing spoiler in Syria, the realpolitik animating Russian ambition may very well engulf him.  Putin is threatend by Ukraine’s move to exit Russian orbit for the European Union.  In Kiev vs. Moscow, the Tatar may very well win.

CHINA:  The paper tiger is experiencing the need for to exert political reform of its currency.  This is no mere accounting procedure, for if the communists in Beijing allow its currency to appreciate it will be sending an ideological, political signal that it intends to allow its citizens equity/capital formation along lines that can fatally disrup the social, political agenda of an overly centralized political economy.  Watch the Japanese continue to reform their on Constitution, especially pertaining to political pacificism and Article 9, detailing bilateral relations to domestic war power resolution.

SUDAN:  Having nations split along ethnic lines is always dangerous.  The new nation of South Sudan is descending into Civil War.  The main causes are personal rivalry and enmity between the Dinka & Neur tribes over who’ll benefit over monetary spoils from an oil rich eastern region.

SYRIA:  Now entering its fourth year with NO end in sight.  This is a genocidal civil war chiefly being fought along ethnic, theologically delineated lines of engagement.  Assad gets stronger the more this goes on, the U.S. looks exceedingly weak while the entire region implodes in a breeding ground for Islamist fighters.  The impact:  Lebanon is near collapse, ditto Jordan, while Iraq seethes where American fighters once decimated al Qaeda.  This conflict looks like a winner for the most hardened, Satanic regional players while damaging Turkey, the Kurds, Saudi Arabia.

EGYPT:  al-Sisi has designs to run as President; he’s banned the Muslim Brotherhood and re-written the Constitution.  With an economy near collapse, its possible that Egypt could teeter into a failed state.

IRAN:  The Mullah’s in Teheran continue to game the west well, especially given the novice that is team Obama.  This regime continues to be the greatest threat to order EVER!  We should root for the adults in Congress who are beginning to constrain the utopian scheme animating the White House.  Let’s not forget, the Israeli’s haven’t yet shown their mettle.

The progressive agenda in America has completely disavowed both the moral foundations of liberty and the requirements needed to govern, namely the ability to threaten with confidence that order will prevail.  #ObamafailedPresidency

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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